when i’m married my partner and i will have:

  • morning sex
  • afternoon sex
  • dinner sex
  • after meal sex
  • i made pancakes sex
  • good morning sex
  • they kids are at school sex
  • shower sex
  • bored sex
  • make up sex
  • break up sex
  • obama won sex
  • romney lost sex
  • monday sex
  • tuesday sex
  • wednesday sex
  • thursday sex
  • friday sex
  • saturday sex
  • monday sex
  • there is nothing on tv sex
  • i love you sex
When you wake up and then just sit there trying to remember the dream you just had.
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“You had to live on the biggest hill in San Francisco”


As posted by Tyler on his Facebook page


As posted by Tyler on his Facebook page



do you ever inbox someone something trying to be nice/supportive and they don’t reply and you feel like the biggest awkward idiot omfg


i’m still pissed about a cinderella story like how couldn’t austin recognize sam in her fucking masquerade mask i’ve been annoyed since 2004


i was just out on the patio drinking cocoa and listening the the new album and my neighbor across the way is this big scary black guy and he opened his patio door and goes “lil nigga is that one direction” and i nodded and he yelled back into his house “yo jamal. lil nigga across the way likes one direction” then shut the door and im still confused